Best Moon Time Herbal Tea Blend - Menstruation PMS New Moons Introspection Calming
Best Moon Time Herbal Tea Blend - Menstruation PMS New Moons Introspection Calming
Magical Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blends - Made in Canada - Crystal + Intention Infused


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Our Blood Moon Tea is steeped in symbolism and the connection of womxn throughout time. Created with the intention to connect you to the cyclical phases of the moon and the subtle body changes that correlate to it. This herbal tea is a calming and intuitive blend that will leave you feeling centered, nourished and grounded. The flavour is earthy and round. The look and scent is of grandmother's herbal garden. Where you handpick your plants together and she teaches you how to best use them. Blood Moon Tea is one inspired by Grandmother Moon herself and all the wisdom she yearns to share with us. A balance of feminine and masculine herbs, this tea encompasses a gentle loving nature alongside strong inner confidence. 

This loose leaf herbal blend is a perfect accompaniment during pms, menses, times of introspection and the New Moon. For those who do not have a menstrual cycle, the New Moon can be used in its place. It is an amplified time of reflection, honing intuition and connection to the divine. The New Moon acts as symbolic menses for Mother Earth and all her creatures. Invoke Grandmother Moon's powers and root into your inner knowing with this soothing tea blend. 

Raspberry Leaf - An herb corresponding to Venus and the element of water that brings love and protection. This vitamin and mineral rich herb has been used by healers for hundreds of years. Traditionally used as a uterine tonic, it is known to help strengthen the uterus and aid in menstrual complaints. 

Lemon Balm - This calming and mood-elevating herb helps to settle emotional unrest. Intimately tied with the honeybee, lemon balm reminds us to nurture ourselves, our loved ones and our homes. It helps to brings forward feelings of connection and trust, in ourselves and others. 

Peppermint - Helps to clear the head, bring mental clarity and soothes the digestive system. An ancient restorative herb that brings fresh flavour to our palettes and focus to our minds. 

Chamomile - It's magical properties include purification and protection while medicine makers have used it on countless occasions to promote relaxation, insomnia, and relief of menstrual pain. 

Rosethe flower of Venus herself, the rose helps to purify us, enhances mood, self-confidence, love, and strength. A gentle yet powerful herb on all levels; let the smell release any stuck energy or tension and come back into your heart center.

Dandelion Leaf - Dandelion folklore and use dates back to ancient Rome. A mineral-rich bitter tonic, this digestive aid helps us deal with physical discomfort so we can refocus our energy. 

Nettle - Is said to help sharpen focus and open the heart to bold love, this herb is known for it's all encompassing benefits on the entire body. A chlorophyll-rich plant that offers great nutritive support and is said to help create healthy boundaries. 

Infused with moonstone - Moonstone gives off a moon-like glow. The light enters the stone and is refracted back and forth between its layers. Used to help integrate the energy flow of the Moon into our bodies, it's history says it helps to balance women's cycles while also supporting men to notice their subtle internal rhythms. A stone of the Divine Feminine, it helps us all to accept the ebbs and flows of our hormones and daily life. 


Add one heaping tablespoon per 8 oz cup and let steep covered for 15 to 20 minutes for maximum magic + flavour. Add honey if desired. 

Suggested Rituals For Blood Moon Tea

  • New Moon ceremony
  • Candle meditations
  • Divination practices
  • Connecting with or honouring ancestors
  • Journaling through challenging feelings
  • Processing grief or trauma
  • Bath soaks with epsom salts


27 grams or approximately 13 to 16 cups

***Disclaimer: Statements regarding herbs, supplements, or anything of the like have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is encouraged to do your own research, sit with yourself, and come to your own conclusions about everything you decide to do with your body. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified integrated physician, preferably a holistic physician.***