Altar for Goddess Venus. Art of Venus beside her ocean pouring water

         Artwork by Eveleen Hann 







Venus is the Goddess of Love and all it touches. She rules glamour, beauty, sexuality, passion, equality, art, values, luxury and wealth. As a goddess of delighting in sensual pleasures, she’s also known as the guardian of sex workers and protectress of the alehouse, or bars in modern day.


In ancient Greek mythology, Venus (Aphrodite) was said to born of foam from the sea after Saturn (Kronus) castrated his father Uranus (Ouranus) where his blood spilled into the ocean. She is the goddess of heaven, earth and the underworld. She's had many lovers including Mercury, Adonis, and Mars, the masculine archetype and god of war who impregnated her with their son, Cupid.


Venus is an archetype of the Divine Feminine. Previous to the patriarchal Greek culture, came the early Sumerians who were a goddess based society. Inanna, an ancient Sumerian goddess, is thought to be the original Venus and was linked to Venus the planet and her cycles. Inanna was known as Queen Of The Night. She was a bold, independent deity with a ravenous libido who would end lives if she saw fit. She had no recorded permanent male spouse and was not ever seen as the traditional Mother Goddess. Because of this, men and women worshipped her because they could both relate to her. The male dominated Greeks and Romans recreated the goddess to their own liking– more domesticated, less independent, and certainly would never kill anyone. This culture made sure to underestimate the power of the feminine by constructing the goddess as a reflection of how they viewed women at the time. Goddesses from other cultures who parallel or are linked to Venus include Ishtar (Babylon), Astarte (Canaan), Anahita (Persia), Oshun (Yoruba), Isis (Egypt), and Freyja (Scandinavia). Whatever name she is called by, it does not matter but one may speak to your personal beliefs or ancestry more. This all encompassing feminine archetype is accessed easiest by connecting with whichever version of the Goddess speaks to you the most.


✧ self love
✧ healing
✧ self worth/value
✧ broken heart
✧ relationship strengthening of any kind (partners, family, friends)
✧ sensuality, sexual pleasure, sexual healing
✧ romance, attraction, beauty
✧ prosperity + abundance
✧ invoking more fun, more nurturing, or more presence in daily life


Venus is all about enjoying life to the fullest so let go and have fun in rituals for her. Anything that engages all or any of the senses is what she favours. She also loves to adorn herself and worship her own beauty and value. Light some candles, pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and do whatever get you into your body and makes you feel soothed and beautiful, because you are. Consider choosing one or two of the following suggestions that you feel drawn to:

✧ food or drink
✧ rubbing yourself in luxurious oil
✧ lighting some beautiful incense
✧ taking a rose-scented bath scented
✧ yoni steaming
✧ breast massage
✧ dancing or playing music 
✧ self pleasure or sexual pleasure with another
✧ mirror gazing
✧ wearing your favourite lipstick/underwear/nighty
✧ painting your nails, brush on a face mask
✧ foot bath
✧ or maybe just an extra long shower with some extra face or body care.


Associated with: Roses, pearls, scallop shells, mirrors, apples, milk, honey, and poppies amongst other things.
Element: Water and Earth
Zodiac Signs: Ruler of Taurus and Libra.
Chakra: Heart
Day of the Week: Friday
Colour: Green (associated with nature, money, abundance and the heart chakra) and Pink
Metal: Copper
Crystals: Rose quartz, emerald, malachite, turquoise
Plants: Rose, geranium, damiana, raspberry, mint, almond, birch, cardamom, mugwort, motherwort, yarrow, thyme, vervain, violet
Tarot Card: The Empress
"Full woman, fleshy apple, hot moon
thick smell of seaweed, crushed mud and light,
what obscure brilliance opens between your columns?"
  - Pablo Neruda