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About Ode To Venus Alex and Megan   
 Alex + Megan
Ode To Venus was created to help women* connect to themselves on a deeper level through pleasure and ritual. We offer tools that can guide you further into comfort, delight, and divine connection through the five senses. Channel Venus and invoke her sacred powers of sensuality and self-worship.

Alex is a double Taurus (sun + moon) and Aquarius rising. A sweet earth baby with a fierce passion for feeling alive. She grew up on the east coast of Canada and is a professionally trained woodworker who studied in Victoria, British Columbia.

She is methodical but also highly intuitive in her shop creations drawing inspiration from nature, shapes, and feelings. She thrives when working with her hands and from any form of movement such as krav maga, dance, yoga and sports. She is incredibly strong; she never fails to open tightly fastened jars or unintentionally intimidate men with her raw power. She is a force of nature in herself.

Alex's home is sacred and she takes care to ensure it has a positive and grounded energy. On the flip side, she craves intensity with a hint of danger. She loves to travel and see things from different perspectives. She is adorned with tattoos, bruises/scars/scrapes, and a simple yet bold fashion style. Her body is truly a vessel in which she creates and experiences life through.

She enjoys the simple things to the fullest including bathing in the sun, sex, connecting with others, music, nature, food, and beverages of all kinds. She loves the delicate and rough side of life. She is very funny and radiates a present moment feel which helps ground others. Her favourite shape is a circle. (written by Megan)



Megan is an intelligent and highly optimistic old soul, with a flare for the unique and sparkly side of life. She loves to explore and loves to spend as much time as she can travelling to other parts of the world.

Megan loves to learn and can’t help but soak in information with ease. She’s been a student of natural medicine for over ten years and excels in herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, and astrology.

Megan exudes a playful lightness that can lift any spirit and being a triple aquarius (sun, moon, rising), she is highly intuitive and her mind holds extreme power, whether it be through manifestation or the ability to shift between different plains of consciousness.

On the other hand, Megan has no problem speaking her mind, she is extremely honest and confident and her ability to stand up for what she believes in is something to aspire to. You will always know where you stand with her.

Megan is understanding, powerful, kind and fun. She has an uncanny ability for remembering song lyrics, taking care of people when they’re sick, remembering important information that Alex can’t and has excellent dance moves. Megan is a real life witch and bad bitch. (written by Alex)


Alex + Megan found each other a decade ago and were never the same since. Both have an affinity towards the unusual, enjoy dreaming up new thoughts and ideas, deep conversations, and a sacred reverence for their female relationships. They met in school while studying homeopathic medicine where their desire for connectedness + deeper growth flourished. Their first apartment together was a one bedroom basement unit with two beds that faced each other, dressers stacked on one another, and a mouse infestation. The many good/strange times began here. Favourite pastimes together include laughing contests, philosophical conversations, living in dumpy apartments, recalling all the questionable people they’ve dated, vacations, skinny dipping, creating magic, and eating/drinking everything. They love adventures of any kind, finding the beauty and value in daily life, and the mysteries of the universe.


*Disclaimer: All people are welcome, regardless of gender identity and/or sexual orientation.