Yoni Steam Herb Blend For Post Partum, Labour, Childbirth. Made in Canada


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Our Revival Yoni Steam Blend was created for those in need of some extra care and attention post partum, injury, or trauma. The herbs in this blend are known for their healing and restorative properties. An ideal blend to recover from childbirth to tonify, tighten and strengthen the uterus/tissues. 


Yarrow, raspberry leaf, calendula, witch hazel, uva ursi, comfrey, plantain, rosemary, oregano, infused with jade. 


82 grams or approximately five 1/2 cup steams.


Always use your best judgement in regards to temperature when yoni steaming. Everyone has varying heat sensitivities; please always ensure you're doing what's comfortable and safe for your body. Steam can be extremely hot and has the potential to burn you. Make sure stool is on a flat and stable surface before sitting and steaming.

Steaming is NOT recommended for the following:

* During menstruation

* While pregnant

* If you have any open sores and/or wounds on your vagina

* If you experience heavy bleeding outside of your monthly menstruation

* If you have an IUD of any kind, yoni steaming may be aggravating. Use your own judgement and research.

***Disclaimer: Yoni steaming is a sacred practice that is each woman's personal choice to engage in. Statements regarding yoni steaming, herbs, or anything of the like have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is encouraged to do your own research, sit with yourself, and come to your own conclusions about everything you decide to do with your body. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified integrated physician, preferably a holistic physician, prior to engaging in this practice.***