Wood Vanity Pussy Gazing Mirror. Handmade modern rustic home decor
Wood Vanity Pussy Gazing Mirror. Handmade modern rustic home decor
natural coconut massage/ sex oil and personal lubricant infused with mint and rosemary
Best Herbal Tea Blend for Libido Sex Drive - Aphrodisiac - cinnamon, horny goat weed, damiana, rose, violet


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This assortment of sensual offerings will help bring you closer to Goddess Venus as well as your divine self. Brew a pot of our sweet and spicy Venus tea while you prepare your seductive lair with any pillows or blankets you desire. Lay your pussy mirror between your legs, drip some Venus oil onto your hand and gaze upon yourself while circling the soft petals of your pussy with love and admiration. A perfect package for deep rituals and/or learning to expand love for yourself and your beautiful body. 

This bundle includes:

✧ One Pussy Gazing Mirror

✧ One 2 oz Bottle Venus Oil

✧ One Package Venus Tea (approximately 13 - 16 cups)


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