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diy natural hair care tips and tricks - wooden brush, scalp massage, hair serum, herbal hair rinse

Hair is many things. It is style, beauty, preference, colour, texture, and culture. It has even been linked to our sixth sense. It is said that the hair of Indigenous peoples of North America enhanced their sensory abilities and helped them while tracking. Acting similar to an antenna or a cat’s whiskers, their hair amplified intuition and could sense danger nearby.

Some may feel that paying great attention to your hair is an act of vanity, but it is truly an act of ritual, pleasure, and self love. Caring for your hair can enhance feelings of beauty, connection to self, and grounding into your body while you rest the mind. Creating routines can be extremely comforting and relaxing, especially when they are ones of self care and done with intention. I like to think of taking care of my hair as a magical ceremony, treating myself as an ancient goddess would. Knowing the process will enhance my inner and outer radiance which will shine into my daily life and up into the cosmos.

I’d like to share some of our favourite hair care practices that help keep the scalp and hair healthy, as well as lustrous and radiant.

wooden hair brush comb and diy hair serum for strong and healthy hair


Wooden Hair Brushing Tools

Wooden brushes and combs gently massage the scalp and increase circulation to the head. This helps stimulate hair growth and brings nutrients to the hair follicles. Wooden brushes are less likely to break your hair and the bristles help disperse the natural oils from the scalp to the ends creating more balance. They do not produce static like synthetic brushes and the feeling of holding the wood in your hand and moving it through your hair is soothing and grounding unlike plastic. I personally love rituals that connect to ancestors and ancients through daily shared processes like this one. I imagine them performing the same movements and feeling the same sensations while brushing their hair with wooden tools. This imagery can connect us deeper to our history, ourselves, and our DNA. Gentle processes that encourage surrender and balance can open us up to messages or information that will serve us.

My favourite tools are a large wide bamboo paddle brush, a comb for moving conditioner throughout my hair in the shower, and a wide-toothed sandalwood comb for when my hair is styled in waves or curls. Sandalwood is a truly magical wood and the comb has an intoxicating scent which adds to the ritual. While you brush your hair, make sure to run the bristles along your scalp slowly for maximum pleasure and to stimulate circulation. Stimulation or massaging of the scalp is a very relaxing process and activates energetic points along the head.

rosemary herbal hair rinse to increase growth and strength of hair


Hair Rinses

Herbal Tea Rinse

This is my favourite rinse to use because rosemary is a smell that is not only uplifting but brings mental clarity. Rosemary stimulates the scalp, helps with hair growth and relieves dryness and itching. Bring your rosemary rinse into the shower and pour over your hair after you shampoo and condition. Alternatively, if you have long hair you can gather it up and rest it in the bowl or jar of rosemary rinse. Let it sit for 30 to 60 seconds then finish by pouring the rinse over top of your scalp.

To Make:

    1. In a large heat safe bowl or mason jar, add four sprigs of fresh rosemary (or two tablespoons of dried). Boil one litre of water, let rest for two minutes so you don’t crack the glass.
    2. Pour into container and cover the rosemary fully. Let sit and steep for anywhere between 20 minutes or overnight for a stronger infusion.
    3. Strain out the rosemary. Feel free to use a blend of whatever herbs you like or any of the ones listed below.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar cleanses the hair, helps to balance the ph of the scalp, reduces dryness, and softens the hair resulting in a beautiful shine. For added benefits, infuse a jar of ACV with herbs that increase hair health and store in your pantry or bathroom. When ready for a hair rinse, add 1 part infused ACV with 4 parts water to create your hair tonic. Use the same method of application as the herbal tea rinse above.

To Make:

    1. Add a large handful of fresh herbs or one cup of dried herbs to a litre sized mason jar.
    2. Cover the herbs with ACV but leave one inch from the top of the lid. Vinegar will deteriorate metal so use a plastic lid to cover. Let herbs steep for three weeks.
    3. Strain herbs.

Herbs for Hair

    • Rosemary - Brings circulation to scalp, increases hair growth and strength, reduces dryness and itching of scalp

    • Lavender - Soothing for scalp irritation, antibacterial, antimicrobial. Perfect before bed because of its relaxation effect

    • Chamomile - To soothe scalp and enhance blonde hair

    • Calendula - Helps with dry hair, soothes irritated scalp, enhances blonde hair

    • Hibiscus - Enhances red hair

    • Horsetail - Contains silica which helps the hair stay strong and decreases breakage while also revitalizing the hair and enhancing its shine

    • Nettle - nutrient and mineral dense, enhances dark hair

    • Peppermint - helps to soothe an irritated scalp and increases circulation, thus good for hair growth

    • Thyme - Good for oily hair and treats scalp irritation

      Add a splash of rosewater to tea rinse or use rosewater only if desired.

hair brushing ritual for balancing hair oils and increasing circulation to the scalp

hair brushing ritual for balancing hair oils and increasing circulation to the scalp

Hair Oil + Scalp Massage

A weekly or bi-weekly scalp massage with nourishing oil is an excellent way to enhance your hair health and growth. By stimulating the scalp and hair follicles, you not only increase circulation to the head but also relax the nervous system through the energetic pressure points along the head called marmas in Sanskrit. Coconut and jojoba are great choices to use for scalp massage oil. You can infuse them with herbs or add essential oils if desired. Leave scalp oil on for at least 20 minutes up to overnight if you require more nourishment.

Hair Serum

To protect the hair from heat and daily damage, using a hair serum on a regular basis is a great practice. Hair serums help to keep the hair strong, prevent breakage and are ideal for rehydrating hair in the winter time or if you swim often in a chlorinated pool or the ocean. Many shampoos contain chemicals that strip the hair of its oils, so a hair serum is a perfect way of adding extra softness and balance back to the hair. I prefer to use it 1 to 3 times a week depending on the time of year, but you can use a tiny bit daily if your hair is especially dry or if you simply enjoy the process and results. A blend of argan and jojoba oil is my favourite because it absorbs quickly into the hair and contains vitamin e as well as antioxidants. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to please the senses even more.

Grounding Hair Brushing Ritual

  1. Cleanse your space. Play some calming or sensual music if desired.
  2. Bless your brush/comb by way of sacred smoke or intention. Sit and hold the brush while you take three slow deep breaths. Feel the weight of it, feel the wood in your hands and let it ground you into the earth. Say out loud or internally, “This is a sacred tool. Bless this brush with beauty, relaxation, and divine connection. This brush infuses all it touches with these intentions.”
  3. Feel the energy of the intention and words flow through the brush saturating it with your magic.
  4. Take this time to be fully present in the slowness and all the sensations you experience. For a few minutes gently brush all parts of your hair. Begin by massaging the scalp with the bristles activating the energy points along your head. Imagine your sacred brush infusing the head and crown chakra with its magical intentions. Feel them flow down all throughout your body and energetic field.
  5. When finished, end the ritual with “And so it is” or “It is done”. Place your hands on the floor to ground excess energy if desired. Repeat this ritual whenever you are in need of grounding or want to invoke more beauty and relaxation to your life. Full moons are an extra powerful time for this process.

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