A Guide To Crystal Cleansing

crystal cleansing guide // how to cleanse crystals - water, smoke, sun, moon, earth


Crystals: Who are they + where do they come from?

Crystals are unique formations from below the earth’s crust. The earth’s core, mantle, and crust are all made up of various blends of minerals; this is the beginning of all of us. This is where life on this planet began, with minerals. Which is why everything on Mother Earth requires minerals to survive and flourish. We have all come from her, and knowing the science behind nature is a reminder of this fact.

Below that crust is where the magic of crystal creation begins. Crystals are formed in multiple ways but they all start with the minerals of the earth rising to the surface with just the right amount of heat, pressure, time and space combined. This creates perfect environments for crystals to gestate, separate, and emerge into their own unique selves. Crystals are ancient pieces and beings of the earth and should be treated with respect. They are very old (up to 4 billion years) and they want to help heal us for they are pieces of the earth, thus they are pieces of ourselves. They are constructed of minerals just as we are. We often think of ourselves as separate from the world, as humans who happen to be living on this planet. But crystals know better, they know we are one and contain energy and consciousness, although it is a much slower and denser vibrational resonance than ours. Everything on this entire Earth is alive. Everything is vibration; the earth’s core, the magma that erupts from it, the crystals born from that, the plants, the animals, humans, and beyond which we can see with our eyes. The more you pay attention to and learn about crystals, the more effective and helpful they become. It is the same with anything on this beautiful and magical planet. When you connect and allow yourself to open to the inherent wisdom and beauty, the more you will benefit and receive its gifts. Mother Earth gives freely but she will provide even more abundantly if you pay her special attention and give back.

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Cleansing Crystals

Crystals collect energies and before you purchase a crystal it has been in the hands of many people who have consciously or unconsciously shared their energy with these stones. This is why cleansing your crystals is very important. Cleansing your crystals is a practice best done regularly. Once a month is a good practice to keep all your crystals' energy fresh and the energy of your home flowing easily.

Certain crystals may require more cleansing when:

  • A crystal is being used frequently
  • You are using them to help process stress, grief, or heavy emotions
  • If you, people you live with, or others who enter your home are experiencing intense emotions or negativity.


Methods Of Cleansing


  • Running Water – Wash your crystals under a running faucet. Hold the crystal underneath the stream of water and know the water is purifying the crystal and washing away negativity. Length: 20 to 60 seconds. 

  • Bowl of Water – Place in a bowl (avoid plastic or metal) of purified or spring water. Option to place in the sun or moonlight to amplify and energize the crystals. Length: 1 to 24 hours. 

  • Bowl of Salt Water – Salt absorbs energy very efficiently. This method is best used when crystals are in need of a heavier cleansing. Rinse crystals off in running water after removing from salt bath to ensure salt is completely washed off. Length: 1 to 24 hours or up to a week if a deeper cleanse is necessary.

  • Body of Water – Submerge the crystal into a natural body of water (creek, river, lake, ocean, natural spring). Know that the water is purifying and cleansing it of negative energy. Length: 20 to 60 seconds. 

  • Herb Water/Infusion – Sprinkle rosemary, thyme, or sage into a bowl of purified water and lay crystals in the water overnight. Alternatively, you can make an infusion with one of the herbs, dip a clean cloth in the bowl and wipe the crystals down.

*Note: Water cleansing (and especially salt water) is not suitable for all crystals and can damage or dissolve them. Research your crystals before beginning this process. When in doubt, use an alternative cleansing method. 


  • Buried In Earth – Returning crystals to the earth is a deep and nourishing cleanse. Bury crystals in the earth (it does not need to be deep as long as their fully covered), or a potted plant for 24 hours or up to 10 ten days.
  • Sitting On Earth – You can also simply rest crystals on top of the soil or place in a ceramic dish if they are especially delicate types. For either of these methods, I prefer to situate crystals with a growing plant such as an herb, flower, or tree.
  • Geodes + Crystal Beds – Cleanse small crystals or jewelry by placing them on an amethyst or clear quartz geode. Leave for 24 to 48 hours or rest stones on crystal bed when not using them. 


  • Smoke – You can cleanse crystals by any smoke of your choice. This method is perfect for more delicate stones or jewelry that cannot be cleansed in water or earth. Use a feather or shell to fan the smoke around the crystal so that all sides are enveloped or simply turn your crystal while it passes through the stream of smoke. Sage, cedar, frankincense, and sweetgrass are common for cleansing.
*Note: Remember to be conscious when using white sage as it has been overharvested and is an at-risk plant. Sage creates a potent smoke so you can use a very small or even a single leaf to cleanse quite a lot. You can make a sage stick last a VERY long time if you decide to purchase one. It is best to grow it in your garden if possible and harvest yourself. Green sage is another good option. 

    Sun + Moon

    • Sun – Sunlight is an energizing cleanser that works best for vibrant sun-coloured crystals like carnelian and sunstone, or sparkly gems like diamond. Place your crystals in the sunlight, either outside or on a sunny windowsill from sunrise (or whenever you wake up), until noon. Certain crystals do not do well in sunlight and will grow pale in colour. Avoid sunlight cleansing for amethyst, ametrine, citrine, aquamarine, quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, spirit quartz, fluorite, turquoise, celestite, sapphire, opal, topaz, and kunzite.
    • Moon – Moonlight works well to cleanse the crystals that cannot tolerate sunlight as well as any that are moon-like in appearance: transparent, translucent, crystals with inclusions or clouds. Rose quartz, moonstone, selenite and amethyst love to be charged by moonlight. A full moon will bring the strongest and most cleansing energy. If possible leave your crystals outdoors overnight on the full moon or within a day or two of the full moon. If you cannot leave them outside, place them on a windowsill.


    • Collect your crystals into one area and chime Tibetan bells or a handbell overtop for a minute or two. Alternatively, you can use a singing bowl and strike 3 times, each time waiting for the sound to completely dissipate.


    Programming Crystals

    Once you have cleansed your crystal you can program or dedicate it to work with a specific purpose. Crystals are energy holders and amplifiers; they help to shift subtle energies and realign us. To program your crystal:

    1. Cleanse your space.

    2. Sit comfortably and hold the crystal in your hands. Gaze at it, feel its shape, take in its colour. Now close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly for 10 breaths. It is easier to connect with and program crystals when our minds are sound, relaxed, and clear. Picture light surrounding your crystal and state your intention clearly, imagining the energy of your words and intention entering the crystal through your hands. Be specific and clear with your intention. If you are unclear about what you desire, the energy penetrating the crystal will also be unclear. Example, “I program this crystal with protection and for my greatest and highest good only.” or “I dedicate this crystal to the healing of  _______ (condition).” Keep the crystal in a place you will see it often and/or carry it with you. Pick it up and hold it daily or do meditations with the crystal. Repeat the cleansing and reprogramming regularly if desired.

    3. Say thank you. I prefer to say thank you three times and give gratitude to the crystal, Mother Earth, and the divine.


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